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Kolektorz was built since December 2008. We started the business in Indonesian local forums such as Kafegaul and Kaskus.

To be more professional, finally Kolektorz has its own business site on www.Multiply.com.
As the business grows, also the www.multiply.com is closed, we decided to make our own website www.kolektorz.com.

In the Facebook era, consumers are more active on Facebook, and prefer to deal on Facebook than on www.kolektorz.com.
So we have no choice, Kolektorz started to move doing business on Facebook Page: Kolektorz Hobby Shop and also on many Facebook hobby forums, local and international forums.

Entering 2017, Kolektorz began to gradually try business in Tokopedia as well.
And finally, in October 2018, Kolektorz reopened www.kolektorz.com with a new, fresh appearance with new features, an kolektorz apps for smarphone.

Among them are Kolektorz apps that will be available soon.

And also Kolektorz now open for consignment. Collectors or consumers who want to sell their collection, can sell it at the www.kolektorz.com (please read "consignment procedure).


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Kolektorz Hobby Shops is the best place to buy and consignment for hobby things, mainly basketball cards.

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